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How To Relieve Lumbar Muscle Strain?

        Lumbar muscle strain mainly presents as chronic pain in the muscles. In some cases, the pain is severe. It is related to the trigger points on the skeletal muscles. The trigger points are extremely painful contracture areas, and often transfer pain from the trigger points to other parts of the body. The predisposing factors are mainly long-term and repeated overuse of muscles or tendons. In some cases, muscle injuries and other strains have occurred. The leading factors include: long-term poor posture, scoliosis, weight bearing and other reasons. The fascia gun can release the pressure of the muscles with abnormal waist tension, and the waist condition will be temporarily relieved. This is similar to the effect of hot compress, massage, etc. It mainly has a relaxing effect. After we relax, we need to train to strengthen the stable muscles of the waist. Relieve the workload of exercise muscles. Like a dead bug.

the deadbug

        In addition, we need to pay attention to our usual sitting posture. When in the office, we need to sit deep in the chair and place a towel roll or pillow between the waist and the back of the chair (to keep the waist at a more correct physiological curvature), and then The chair must be drawn closer to the desk, otherwise the pillow will still not be effective.

Correct sitting posture

        Keep regular exercise and muscle stretching massage can relax the body and mind. So our body will be healthy.


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