Massage gun

The Function And Effect of Massage Gun

Massage gun

         Massage gun, also known as deep myofascial impact instrument, is a soft tissue rehabilitation tool that relaxes the soft tissues of the body through high-frequency impact. Massage gun can be understood as a civilian version of DMS (Electric Deep Muscle Stimulator), the vibration frequency will change during use, and its basic function is similar to DMS. Massage gun is an effective method for the treatment of soft tissue pain. It stimulates its proprioceptive function, thereby effectively relieving muscle tension and achieving the purpose of pain relief.

Development Path

         In the 2017 U.S. Professional Basketball League Finals, Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving, with the help of a physical therapist, used a massage gun to relax the back and thigh muscles and quickly returned to the court. And then widely used in the team service of the American professional league.


Working Principle

         The massage gun uses its internal special high-speed motor to drive the "torch head", which produces high-frequency vibrations to the deep layer of the muscles to reduce local tissue tension, relieve pain, and promote blood circulation.

How to use

         The large round head of the massage gun is generally used for shoulders, buttocks, and thighs; the small round head is used for large areas of muscles such as arms and calves. The massage gun needs to be used along the muscle texture and fascia direction of the human body, and cannot be used only at the sore points of the muscles. The head, cervical spine, spine and other parts with a large number of nerves and blood vessels cannot be used. The duration of use for each part should not exceed 3 to 5 minutes.

Utility effect


         Massage gun can help improve the pain symptoms of patients with fasciitis, and the vibration frequency is stable, which can promote the recovery of muscles and soft tissues. The American Rehabilitation Association stated that vibration can promote the recovery of muscles and surrounding soft tissues or eliminate fatigue, which indirectly affects tissue repair. In other words, the massage gun can help improve the pain symptoms of patients with fasciitis, and the vibration frequency is stable, which can promote the recovery of muscles and soft tissues.

Exercise relaxation

         After exercise, muscle tension, lactic acid accumulation, hypoxia, especially after excessive exercise, the muscles are very stiff and it is difficult to recover on their own. The outer layer of human muscles will be wrapped by a layer of fascia, so that the muscle fibers can contract in an orderly direction to achieve a better functional state. After excessive exercise, the muscle fascia will be swollen or squeezed, causing soreness and discomfort. massage gun is to solve muscle tension and other problems through external physical means, similar to the function of ligament stretching, muscle stretching and auxiliary massage after professional athletes have finished training. There is still a difference between using and not using it. With the help of the massage gun, the recovery time and efficiency after exercise will be improved. The rational and correct use of the massage gun can indeed help relieve muscle soreness after exercise.
         In sports exercise, the use of massage gun can be divided into three parts, namely warm-up before exercise, activation during exercise, and recovery after exercise.
         Before exercise, use a massage gun to quickly impact the muscles you want to exercise, so that the temperature and blood flow of the muscles will increase, which will help to achieve a quick warm-up effect.
Use the massage gun in the interval between the two sets of exercises to activate the tired muscles again and prepare for the next set of exercises.
The vibration of the massage gun has high and low frequencies, and the high frequency plays a role a little shallower. If it is a deep muscle, use more low frequency, the low frequency impact will be slower and longer lasting. The application of high frequency is more of friction, which generates heat through friction, which is more suitable for relieving muscle stiffness.
         After exercise, use a massage gun, according to the principle of trigger points, to impact the muscles after a long time to help metabolize lactic acid and reduce muscle tension. For example, after doing push-ups, use a massage gun to hit the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor muscles for more than two minutes.


  1. Bone protrusions of upper and lower limbs

On the outer side of the knee joint, there is a bulge at the upper end of the lower leg, called the capillary fibula. There is the common peroneal nerve around it, which is very superficial. The membrane gun cannot touch around the fibular head. The front of the knee joint is a protrusion of the tibial tubercle, and it cannot be hit with a massage gun.

The inner side of the elbow joint is where the ulnar nerve groove passes, and sometimes the forearm will be numb when touched here. Because the ulnar nerve is very superficial here, it cannot be touched with a massage gun. The anterolateral side of the shoulder joint, anatomically called the greater tubercle, is where the rotator cuff attaches, and it cannot be touched with a massage gun.

  1. Around the neck

There are many nerves and blood vessels passing through the side and front of the neck, and there are nerve reflex receptors, which are very sensitive and fragile. If the massage gun is used in these places, the risk is very high.

  1. Around the clavicle, underarm, upper arm and popliteal

These areas are full of important nerves and blood vessels such as the brachial plexus and its branches, supraclavicular artery and brachial artery. The popliteal fossa refers to the fossa behind the knee joint. There are popliteal arteries, nerves, etc., and the location is relatively superficial. The consequences of the injury are very serious, so these positions cannot be directly hit with a massage gun. 


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